Thursday, 26 July 2007

Cat's Revenge

Three cruel boys got more than they bargained for when they started to torment a cat.
The youths, all aged 13, had poured petrol onto the cat's tail outside their homes in an apartment block in Cumpeni in Romania and set fire to it.
The terrified cat ran into a garage belonging to the family of one of the teenagers and rolled around trying to put out the flames, knocking over a can of petrol.
It fled outside when the petrol exploded and managed to rub its tail in sand, extinguishing the flames. Meanwhile the row of garages, containing cars belonging to all the teenagers' fathers, went up in smoke. The cat's owner said the animal had lost the fur on its tail but otherwise was in good health.
The families of the three boys were furious - and the youths were severely punished.

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