Saturday, 28 July 2007

Purrfect Romance


If you want more success with the ladies - get yourself a cat.
A survey for the British Cats Protection Society showed that women were more attracted to men who liked animals.
Men who like cats are also more likely to be perceived by women as being nicer, more caring people.
Dr Scott Miller, TV Vet and celebrity Cats Protection Week supporter, was pleased to hear the survey findings.
"I think women find the presence of a cat in a bachelor pad not only a good indication of character, but also confirms our sensitive side which many women hopefully find attractive! As a single man, my two cats give me all the unconditional love I need on a daily basis."
Although there are almost 3.5 times the number of female cat owners in the UK than their male equivalent, the survey found that our cats are definitely benefiting from men having felines too.
"We found that cats are no longer a solely female domain," said researcher, Dr June McNicholas. "Modern men are fast getting in touch with their feline side, and enjoy lavishing love and care on their cats just as much as women do, if not more. This can only be a good thing for all concerned."
According to the findings, single male cat owners are more likely than their female counterparts to have made, or consider making a sacrifice for their cat, including giving up a holiday (to avoid putting the cat in a cattery) and even going into debt for their feline friend if needs be! Single men are also almost as likely as single women to consider choosing their cat over their partner, or break a friendship rather than lose their cat.
The resounding majority of both male and female respondents agreed that it's not soppy or uncool for a man to love his furry friend, with almost three-quarters of men reporting their cats give them a much-needed cuddle factor, and the same number of single men enjoying lavishing care and attention on their cat.


  1. Oh, I LOVE your blog! It has such Cat-itude!! :)

  2. Thank you Mary T! Love that word "cat-itude"! I will probably be using myself soon - hope you don't mind!


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