Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Lucky Little Cat

Ginger being given oxygen therapy

THERE'S one little cat in Southampton, England, who this week is very lucky to be alive.

The ginger moggy owes his life to local firefighters who were called to a house in the Aldermoor area of the city by neighbours who heard a smoke alarm going off.

The fire crew arrived to find flames in the ground flooor apartment and two firemen entered the house because they feared people may be trapped inside.

However, there were no people inside, just one poor little ginger cat who was unconscious after being overcome by the smoke.

He was given oxygen and resuscitated before being left in the safe-keeping of neighbours.

And here's another rescue story.

ASLAN the cat came to the rescue when fire broke out in a Martinsville house.
Christopher and Betty Plunkett were asleep in their house with their daughters Miranda Nelson, 22, and Kayla Nelson, 22, when their mixed Persian two-year-old cat climbed onto their bed.
Aslan jumped onto Mrs Plunkett's head and started clawing at her hair.
At first, Betty thought Aslan — whom she calls Fat Cat — might need food or water so she got up to check.
Finding enough food and water in Aslan’s bowls, she returned to the bedroom to shut off the alarm clock which had started ringing. It was 5.30am, the time she normally got up.
After turning off the alarm, Betty noticed something that smelled like burning wires. Quickly checking the kitchen and other downstairs rooms, Plunkett was unable to find the source of the smell.
She climbed the stairs to her daughter’s rooms. She could hear wires popping and crackling, although she couldn't see any smoke. She woke her daughters and the three of them went downstairs while Christopher went upstairs to investigate - and he realized the house was on fire.
The fire crews arrived promptly and contained the blaze to an upstairs room. Even so, furniture in the girls’ room was ruined, as were clothes and electrical equipment.
However, if it hadn't been for Aslan, the family might not have been able to get out of the house so promptly and there could have been quite a different outcome.

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