Saturday, 23 February 2008

Cameron Diaz and Her Little Man

THE gorgeous Cameron Diaz may not be lucky in love but she does regularly tickle the tummy of one Little Man. The A-list actress is the proud owner of a cat called Little Man. She's a fashionista and obviously wants Little Man to follow her sartorial elegance for she has been spotted shopping for little cat outfits.

If you want your own Little Man (no double entendres are intended in this post!), then maybe 11-year-old Jennie Lupkin can help you (see below) .....

Pet Matchmaker

"MATCHMAKER, matchmaker, make me a match," go the words of the old song.
And it is a sentiment that 11-year-old Jennie Lupkin has really taken to heart.
But young Jennie isn't pairing off her friends, she has turned her skills to matching up pets with prospective owners.
Animal lover Jennie takes a look at the internet classified ads site, Craigslist, every day, checking to see who is looking for a pet, and who is looking to give up a pet, then she e-mails pet owners and prospective owners.
So far, she's made six successful matches six months.
Jennie who lives at Lake Linganore in Maryland USA has plenty of pets of her own, a dog, crab, two birds and a fish. Cats are sadly lacking from the home as her father is allergic.
However, her very first match-making success was Jazzy, a calico cat from an animal shelter.
She saw an ad on Craigslist posted by someone seeking a cat, and e-mailed the prospective owner with information on how to adopt Jazzy from the shelter. Later, she learned the match was made.
Sometimes, people are trying to buy animals but she'll suggest they try a shelter instead.
Jennie took her commitment one step further, building a website with photos and stories of animals in need of homes. On the site,, she urges potential pet owners to consider one of these pets before going to a breeder.
There's the urgent story of Joe, a cattle dog mix, and Maggie, a chow mix, who are 10 and 11. Their owner died, and the shelter is trying to place the dogs together. The pair have been at the shelter for more than a month.
Mostly, however, Jennie's website focuses on cats.
"The shelter seems to want me to try to find homes for cats," she said.
"Dogs usually go in a week or two."
There are more cats in need of homes, and finding them homes takes longer.
The last two cats Jennie helped place were each at the shelter for more than six months.
Jennie also referred a Craigslist poster seeking a companion for a miniature pony to a listing offering a free mule.
"My wife and I weren't pet people, but we became pet people after we got our dog," Lupkin said.
Jennie and her brother wanted a dog, but both are allergic to dogs with fur.
Jennie did some research, and learned that some dog breeds, including bichon frises, have hair, not fur. They adopted Rupert, who often sits in Jennie's lap while she works on the computer.
Jennie saves her allowance money to buy toys and treats for shelter animals.
At Christmas, she brought in treats and toys for the cats. Last summer, she and her friends had a bake sale and raised $50 to donate to the Frederick County shelter.
"This is all on her own, which is amazing for a little girl," said Mary Bernard, a shelter volunteer who works with Jennie at the shelter. "She's a motivated girl who loves animals, and is finding her own way to help."

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