Saturday, 16 August 2008

Siamese Cat Alerts Owner to House Fire

A SIAMESE cat has been hailed a hero after waking her owner just in time to alert her that their apartment was on fire.

A housewife, named by Bild newspaper as Medina R, was awoken by her cat Sina running over her face and a loud crash as Sina knocked over a lamp.

The 48-year-old woman, her son and, of course, Sina managed to get out of the apartment which was well alight and full of smoke.

Medina told Bild: "The bedroom was already filled with thick smoke and flames were blazing in the living room.

"I ran to my son's room, shook him awake and called the fire brigade. I am only alive because of my cat. I am so grateful to her."

The woman and her son, 17, were treated in hospital for the effects of smoke inhalation. Bild printed photos of Sina being given oxygen and she was afterwards treated at a veterinary clinic, the paper said.

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