Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Cat News: Cat Burglar

THEY seek him here, they seek him there - but there's one wily cat burglar who has been eluding police for weeks.

The thief has stolen thousands of rupees worth of jewellery in Ratnapura in India. Many residents had lost jewellery they left lying around in the house and all thought there was a burglar in the neighbourbood.

And there was - a genuine CAT burglar!

The street cat, who had been roaming the area for over a month, was spotted swallowing the jewellery by a gardener.

The following day he was caught red-handed swallowing a gold earring. Three people tried to grab him but he escaped unharmed.

The feline Raffles is still at large and residents are being more careful with their jewellery.


Stephanie said...

what a darlin' cat. he looks just like my own little criminal Jinxy!

Brewster said...

A real cat burglar indeed!!