Thursday, 7 May 2009

Cat Stunt

Pets: Licensed To Thrill Cat Lovers

THE state of Georgia in the USA has produced a great license plate for cat lovers. It's called the Feline Friend and includes a picture of a rescue cat called Hope.

The tag fee is $25, and $22 of that will be donated to Georgia's Dog and Cat Sterilization Program.

Hope's picture was painted by Randalyn (Randy) Nieniek, from Duluth. Hope has now been adopted by Josie Wind who said she "fell in love" with her after seeing her picture in a local newspaper.

Hope's painting was the winner of a contest for which Randy painted four cats who had been taken in at a Suwanee shelter. The painting of Hope made the final six and attracted 12,000 votes.


  1. What a great idea. I love cat but realise that they must be controlled so that as many as possible can have a good life.

  2. I LOVE this video!!

  3. This little moggie is a real star!. Ive tried vidioing (can't spell!) my cat but by the time I've got the cammera out, she's a mile away!!


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