Sunday, 21 June 2009

Cat Trapped In Container For A Month

MEET Socks the cat who recently lost one of his nine lives. Socks is now recovering after being trapped inside a storage container for more than a month.

He was discovered, emaciated and dehydrated by an electrician. He stayed alive by licking condensation from the metal sides of the container.

The 11-month-old cat went missing on May 13 and his owner, Michelle Maher (pictured with Socks) from Arbroath in Scotland in the UK, reported him missing to her local cat society and put up posters asking if anyone had seen him.

He was eventually found when electrician Murray Ruxton went to carry out a stock-check at the unit.

'I was just going through some stock and I saw something out the corner of my eye shuffling about,' he said. 'When I realised it was a cat I knew straightaway he must be in trouble as none of us had visited the unit for at least four weeks.

'He was really friendly and came up to me but I realised how thin he was and was very concerned so I rang Cats Protection, and a volunteer came straight out.

'I'm amazed by him and so thrilled he is doing well. I am planning to go and see him and say hello properly.

'None of the staff had seen him before and certainly hadn't spotted him sneaking into the container. We're all just thrilled he's okay.'

Socks was taken to a vet and put on a drip to give him fluids. Ms Maher was 'overjoyed' to get Socks back.

'When I went to the vets and saw him I just burst into tears. He was the same old Socks and was purring and rubbing up against me. I thought he would look very unwell, but he doesn't look too bad and has obviously been grooming his coat a lot. '

'I am just so happy to have him back.'

Sharyn Wood, Coordinator of Cats Protection's Arbroath Branch, said it was an 'absolute miracle' that Socks survived. 'As soon as I saw him I realised he must be Michelle's missing cat so I was thrilled to be able to ring her and say he's okay. "

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