Monday, 8 June 2009

Take Your Cat Walkies: Cats On Leashes

FINLAND is a country of cat lovers but a lot of people live in apartments without gardens. The way the Finnish people have solved this problem is to take their moggies for walks on leashes.

It's a common sight to see people out and about with their cats. Katariina is one woman who regularly takes her pet out.

"We do have a garden but it is very small,"she said.

"My cat Aarii loves it outdoors but I feel she needs to have wider horizons than our garden and needs more exercise. I take her out on a leash every other day for a long walk in the park.

"She loves it and she does all the things she does at home, exploring under bushes, rolling in the dust and checking out the birds. There's one long wall where she jumps up and walks along it. She's become a bit of an attraction for some of the local children - and, boy, does she show off!"

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