Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Cat Who Joined Question Time

Tango the cat is now a worldwide celebrity, thanks to his accidental appearance on television.

Tango (pictured with his owner Jackie Ellery) wandered onto the set of a British political programme called Question Time being filmed in Newquay Community College in Cornwall.

The first that Jackie knew about it was when a neighbour called to say, "Have you seen your cat on the telly?"

As the panel discussed topics as diverse as the wearing of burkhas by Muslim women, the situation in Iran and MPs’ expenses, Tango walked in through a rear door. He lives near the college where Jackie works as a dinner lady.

Jackie said: “It’s lovely, he’s a mischievous cat anyway and because we live so close to the school he’s often in school grounds.

“He is just nosy. He must have seen lots of people in the car park and gone to look.”

Since his fleeting appearance on national television Tango has become a local star, appearing on the internet and featured in newspapers all over the world.

Mrs Ellery said: “Everyone is coming up to me and telling me about Tango’s appearance. I’ve even been asked to get his paw-tograph.”

She and her two children, Josh, 16, and Katie, 15, have had the one-year-old cat since he was eight weeks old. As their garden adjoins the college car park, Tango regards its grounds as his own back yard.

He also makes regular appearances at assembly and in the classrooms. Mrs Ellery said: “He had black eyebrows once, where kids painted on him and the tops of his ears were black. He just lets them do it.”

Some people think he should have been allowed to sit on the panel - he would have made more sense than a lot of the politicians!

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  1. What a gorgeous ginger! I have one just like him and I see you have too!


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