Thursday, 30 June 2011

Meet The Acro-Cats

WHO says you can’t train a cat?

Take a look at the video above. OK, so they’re hardly on a par with some smart-alec pooch negotiating an obstacle course and jumping through flaming hoops. But they’re still magnificent moggies.

These are the Amazing Acro-Cats, a trained-cat act from Chicago, comprising about a dozen cats who vault hurdles, walk tightropes, and jam in a "Latin fusion" band. The musical finale of the 60-minute show features a quintet of cats grooving on guitar, keyboards, drums, cowbell and tambourine. That’s if they feel like it., naturally.

The grande dame of the show is nine-year-old Tuna, who occasionally gets in a strop with trainer Samantha Martin on stage and tries to swat her or stalks off without a backward glance.

But the bad behaviour has become part of the act with Samantha’s heartfelt pleas to her proteges to behave.

Samantha has a degree in animal husbandry and at one time trained cats for ads. Her troupe of moggies are all rescued cats from animal shelters.

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