Monday, 26 September 2011

Cost Of Keeping A Cat

HOW much is your cat worth? Most cat owners would say their pet is priceless, even if he is just a moggy and not a pedigree.

Now, however, a study has put a price on the cost of keeping a cat. Over an average lifespan of 15 years, owners spend around $27,100 (£17,200) – that’s nearly $1,806 (£1,150) a year.

About 41 per cent of that is for food, although those of you who spoil your pet with prime steak and fresh prawns may spend a lot more!

Then there are veterinary fees and medical treatment (13 per cent).

Those little treats and toys add up to a further £96 and grooming costs are about £167.

The survey was carried out by supermarket Sainsbury’s. Helen Williams, head of Sainsbury's Pet Insurance said: “Looking after a pet dog or cat properly can involve a significant financial commitment.

“Costs can escalate as pets get older as they often need extra medical care and attention; with advances in veterinary treatment and better diets many will live well beyond their average life expectancy.”

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