Monday, 19 March 2012

The Truth Is Out There

THE truth is out there – but it is not always what it seems.

An Austrian farmer out looking for his lost cat Murlimann found a deep round hole which he thought had appeared overnight.

Franz Knoglinger dropped a stone down the hole and heard a metallic clunk. He could tell by the time it took to the stone to hit the bottom that it was a very deep hole. He then dropped a magnet tied to string down the hole and discovered the object was metallic.

It was all so mysterious that he wondered if the hole might have been made by a UFO.

The case made national news with the UFO explanation soon becoming the most popular. But the answer was something much more mundane.

A local historian investigated local land-use archives and found out the hole had not appeared overnight as the farmer assumed but had been there for some 50 years ever since a company had drilled there looking for oil.

A large metal drill bit had broken off and become stuck. The workers left it there and had never filled in the hole.

As for the missing Murlimann, he was eventually found hiding in a cupboard.

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