Sunday, 9 September 2012

Name This Distillery Cat

THIS gorgeous little kitten has recently moved into the Glenturret Distillery at Crieff in Scotland which has a long tradition of keeping cats.
In fact, the distillery was home to one of the best known cats of all time.
Towser, who died in 1987, holds the Guinness World Record for best mouser, having caught 28,899 mice in her 24 years at the distillery. The distillery is also home to many well-known whiskies, including Famous Grouse.
This little chap, though, will not be expected to catch mice but will have the run of Glenturret as he settles in and makes Scotland's oldest distillery his new home. His job will be to welcome visitors and that's quite a responsibility as the distillery is the most visited in Scotland without around 100,000 people turning up every year.

But the kitten has yet to be named and this is where you can help.
General manager Tracy McCafferty said: ''The newest addition to our family is already settling in well to distillery life and proving to be a big character but he really needs a name.
''His predecessors were well-loved by visitors and staff and it's clear he will be no different.
“The winner will be invited up to visit us and our adorable kitten and take a VIP tour of the distillery. Travel [up to £350] and accommodation is included.” To enter and to see all the terms and conditions, visit .The closing date is September 30.

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