Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cat Health Advice

Advice from the RSPCA about caring for your cat:

  • Check your cat for signs of injury or illness every day, and make sure this is done by someone else if you are away.
  • Consult a vet promptly if you suspect that your cat is in pain, ill or injured.
  • Ask your vet for advice about things you can do to protect your cat’s health, such as vaccination, treatments to control parasites (e.g. fleas and worms) and neutering.
  • Get your cat neutered, unless he/she is intended for breeding and provisions have been made to care for both parents and offspring. Before allowing cats to breed, seek the advice of a vet to ensure they are suitable for breeding in terms of their health and personalities.
  • Before deciding to buy/acquire a cat, make sure you find out what health and behaviour problems he/she has, or may be prone to, for instance as a result of his/her breed, how he/she has been bred and how he/she has been cared for. Always check with a vet if you are unsure about anything.
  • Try to minimise stress in your cat’s daily life, by so doing you will decrease his/her risk of certain illnesses.
  • Take your cat for a routine health check at your vets at least once each year.
  • Only use medicines that have been prescribed for your individual cat. Human and dog medicines can be very dangerous to cats.
  • Ensure your cat’s coat is kept in good condition by grooming him/her regularly. If you are unsure how to groom your cat properly seek advice from a pet care specialist. If your cat changes his/her grooming habits, you should seek advice from a vet as your cat may be ill.
  • Make sure your cat can be identified, ideally via a microchip (ask your vet for advice), so he/she can be treated quickly if injured or returned to you if lost.
  • Consider taking out pet insurance to ensure your cat is covered if he/she needs veterinary treatment.

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