Monday, 30 March 2015

Cat Has Map of Australia on her Nose

G'DAY, everyone. Here's a ripper little cat. She's called Oz because the markings on her nose bear an uncanny resemblance to a map of Australia.

Owner Deb Nugent showed off the Oriental Longhair at the Royal Sydney Easter Show yesterday. She didn't get a prize but did get lots of attention from all the visitors. Deb said she was really surprised at the reaction to Oz.

Oz, who is one on Thursday, was born with the marking but as she was so tiny, it didn't become recognisable as a map of Australia until she got bigger.

Her real name is the much more exotic Siajavi Paiwen, but she was soon given the nickname Oz.

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  1. Maps are great, aren't they? Pleased to see That's Purrfect on the list of A to Z Challenge entries. Good luck!

  2. Thank you, Mark. I've written A and am raring to go!


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