Thursday, 19 March 2015

How Cats Land On Their Feet

WE all know that cats land on their feet - now you can see it for yourself in this remarkable video as high-speed cameras reveal the intricate twists and turns a cat performs to land without injury.

The cats first twist their front half and then their back half  until they are  parallel to the ground. Cats’ legs provide air resistance, allowing the rest of the body to turn more quickly. Cats also spread themselves out in a parachute effect to slow down the fall.

A BBC he documentary, Secret Life of Cats, compared the manoeuvre to the twirling of a ballet dancer.

The cat then extends its claws as it approaches the ground to ensure it has grip when it lands. Just before landing it flexes its back to help absorb the shock of the landing.

The cats were filmed as they were dropped in a studio from around 10ft on to a crash mat covered with forest undergrowth.

In 2012 a cat fell 200ft from a 19th floor flat in Boston, USA - and then got up without a scratch and walked away.

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