Friday, 20 March 2015

The Unforgiving Cat

YOU know how it is. You go away on holiday for a fortnight, leaving your friend to look after your cat. But when you get home Cat won't speak to you for two weeks because that's how long you left them.

It seems that other species in the animal world are quite willing to forgive and forget - but not the domestic cat.  Humph, tell us something we cat owners don't know!

Research shows that chimps, bonobos and gorillas willingly kiss and make up after a confrontation and even hyenas use "conciliatory gestures" after a spat
It's not the same with your cat. Oh no. Puss will punish you for your bad actions. Stood on his tail? Won't talk to you until he's hungry. Allowed a dog into the house? He'll disappear into another room and won't come out for hours. Given him cheap food to eat? He'll sit by food-filled bowl and give you the evil eye until you fill it with something better.

We all know he'll forgive us eventually - and it's worth the wait.

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