Tuesday, 7 April 2015

G Is For Games For Cats

Today in the A to Z Blogging Challenge ...

G is for Games for Cats

Cats love to play. Mostly they like to play with you but sometimes they will have a game with each other, as this video demonstrates.

If they don't have a friend who will co-operate you will have to step up to the plate yourself.  It's important to keep them active, especially if they are an indoor cat and there are several easy games you can play with them.

Paper Chase: Toys don't have to be expensive, in fact you don't have to pay anything for them at all. Cats are just as happy chasing a scrunched up piece of paper as they are an expensive ball with a bell inside. Most are too snooty to retrieve but some cats will humour you and play "fetch".

Dingle Dangle: They love dangly toys. There are plenty you can buy but if you're strapped for cash, just get a stick and some string and tie on something attractive to the cat , like a Christmas robin or an Easter bunny  - that's if you don't mind it being completely shredded.

Boxing Clever: Cats also love paper bags and boxes. In fact, they prefer bags and boxes to whatever was originally inside. Cat rule - The more expensive the gift it contains, the more attractive the container. If you're feeling creative, make a toy for your cat like the one below.

Light Fantastic: You can buy laser lights (never shine these in your cat's eyes) or you can use your own torch or a mirror to catch the light. Not all cats like lights. My own cat, who squares up to vicious-looking dogs when they pass by, runs a mile from a laser light.

Going Digital: If you have a tablet, there are apps of cat games you can download. These feature motion graphics of things like mice or fish. They might not deliver a full body workout but they will exercise the paws and eyes! But make sure the little devil isn't downloading extra apps when  your back is turned.

And finally, another picture of a cat playing, just because it's cute.

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When the cat is away said...

Ha! Perfect post! I’m still waiting for my gorgeous recue cats, but I’m already catifying my home. I’m wondering about the apps for cats (this cat world is definitely crazy!). Don’t they destroy with their claws the screen??

A to Z challenge. www.whenthecatisaway.com Participant number 1361.

That's Purrfect said...

I must admit I haven't allowed my cat to use my i-Pad for apps but apparently they bat at the screen rather than scratch it!

Freya3377 said...

Ha ha the laser light is a lot of fun. It's one of the few cat games I've actually played! :D

A Katy Did Gig said...

Fun! I don't have cats but many friends do and they sure do like a game or two.
Visiting on the A-Z here!

As I See It Daily

A Katy Did Gig said...

Fun! I don't have cats but many friends do and they sure do like a game or two.
Visiting on the A-Z here!

As I See It Daily

Joan Somers said...

I'm enjoying your blogs about cats. They're my favorite animal, although I do care for (and have a) dogs and had a bunny. The cat prayer is so cute! A house isn't a house without a cat. joan

Kristen Brockmeyer said...

Tablet games for cats, huh? Now I can consider both my children AND my pets underprivileged. lol

Birgit said...

OMG that video is priceless! We bought all these fancy balls.....nothing! Crinkle up some paper and they go nuts! The old bag and cardboard box is THE thing for our cats:)