Saturday, 25 April 2015

V Is For Valentine's Day at Battersea

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V Is For Valentine's Day

DON'T worry, I'm  not going to get all cheesy and soppy on you - well, only a little bit.

This is about Valentine's Day for people to find their perfect moggy match.

Every year the world famous Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London holds a Feline Lonely event on the most romantic day of the year. It is, they say,  a cat-tivating evening of flirtation, frivolity and fun.

Visitors can get up close and purrsonal with other cat lovers and also with the Battersea cats. Guests get a complimentary glass of bubbly and canapes while they look for the cat of their dreams - their pawfect match. One of the activities on offer is the Cat Cuddle Booth.

Lindsey Quinlan, Head of Cattery, said: “Battersea staff and volunteers hope visitors find a treasured tabby or marvellous moggy they can share a life with. There are plenty of cats looking for love and we hope this is a Valentine’s Day for them to remember.”

Each year the home hopes the event will inspire members of the public to find love for a Battersea cat and give a second chance to one of the 2,760 cats the charity takes in every year. Anyone in London next year who wants to attend can find all the details at

This very practical Valentine's Day celebration is, I would venture, a better bet than getting your cat dressed up to help you attract a mate. I think these pictures prove my point...

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  1. I love the black cat wearing wings. This event sounds amazing. It makes me want to hop on a plane next February. You can find me at, which is number 1209 on the A to Z challenge list today. Best wishes!

  2. Oh love that black cat:) The 2 beside him don't look to happy with those hearts around their faces:) This is so great to have these adoptions

  3. That's great. More shelters should take that up. It's a perfect (purrfect) opportunity.

  4. Those cats look so fed up. Not conducive to romantic feelings, one would have thought.

  5. They look a bit cross MOL!! BCaDH do a terrific job!


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