Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Y Is For Cats Yawning

In today's A to Z Blogging Challenge..

Y is for Cats Yawning

IT’S late, you’re weary. Puss is wrapped around you like a furry scarf and soon you are both yawning.

But, beware, this may be his cue to start galloping around the house like a demented harpy because cats sometimes yawn to get a quick shot of oxygen into their lungs to stave off sleep and get a bit more energy. He may not be ready for his nap yet.

Or he may be trying to talk to you. He could be telling you that he’s bored and please get out that toy mouse on a string.

But if your cat yawns excessively there may be more to it than plain tiredness. He may have a sore mouth, like a cut from chewing sticks once too often or his teeth may need attention. If he is also grinding his teeth or drooling, it’s time to take him to a veterinarian.

Hopefully, if you're tired then puss may be tired too.  Or he may just be copying you.... 

Night night.

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  1. I love how my one cat's ears meet at the back of her head when she lets a serious yawn rip. ~grin~ I'm so glad to have found this delightful blog. My topic is a flower at for the letter Y. Today I am number 1179 on the list, so it looks like lots of participants continue dropping off, unfortunately.

  2. OK I am now yawning-lol.......again I just yawned

  3. What fascinated me here is the fact that in the video the cat put out her paw every time she yawned. funny.


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