Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cuddly Cat Russell Comforts At The Clinic

A LOVELY ginger cat called Russell who was badly burned in a fire is now offering comfort to other poorly animals.

 Russell was in a house fire a year ago that destroyed his home and left him with severe burns on his face and body.

Now a patient at the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina, Russell is still receiving treatment.

But friendly Russell is now cuddling up to other animals who need some TLC.

"He's incredibly engaging," said member of staff Alan Wilford.  "He wants to meet all our patients. He just wants to be with them.

"I don't know if he can sense that other animals are in pain or have stuff going on, but he does seem to have some weird knack for connecting with patients."

He helps relieve the stress of other sick animals by cuddling up to them. He wanders in and out of the clinic rooms to visit his "patients". He really enjoys giving companionship to others, said Alan.

He said Russell might never be well enough leave the clinic but they were happy to keep him there.
"He's adopted us," he said. "He's a rock star here. Everyone wants to see him, and he just eats it up. I don't know if he'd like being a normal house cat again, so we'd be happy to keep him as our clinic mascot."

"He wants to be friends with every animal," says Megan Maus, a vet tech. "He's a very inquisitive cat. A very loving little cat."

One of his friends is a fawn, now named Darla. The  baby deer was found on a lawn. She was left there for a while to see if her mother returned, but she never did.

Then there is Rosco, a stray chihuahua, who was attacked by another dog. Russell has taken him under his paw and is making sure he knows he has a friend.

Russell and Darla the deer.

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  1. Aw! What a special wonderful cat! Aren't cats sometimes (always?) the best nurses?

  2. Awww! Russell is a hero!! What a wonderful and sensitive kitty! We wish him a long and happy life! xx

  3. Russell is an amazing cat and we love how he looks after any sick animals who are staying at the vets. We hope he will will have a very happy life with you all.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Such a lovely story. Russell is a beautiful, gentle spirit.

  5. He sounds like one awesome cat. Helping out all at his new hall, even those butt sniffers haha awesome indeed

  6. What a wonderful story and great pics! My vet in CA had a clinic cat named Oliver and he was a star in that office and loved all the animals and their owners.

    I'm glad this cat could be rescued and now has a good home. He's showing his thank you by being a firend to the other hurting animals.


  7. I am sorry that Russell's suffers ongoing health issues. Poor baby. What a shining soul. I like the name of the deer, too. ~grin~ Thank you for sharing this wonderful story.

    1. I thought of you as I was writing the story!

  8. I just don't know what to say. This is so touching and so sweet. How pure love transcends all pain. I needed to see this today...thank you

  9. Fires are terrible. Glad that Russell has a place there, but I'm saddened to think he might never get to go home. Does he have a family to return to?

  10. How wonderful. It is so heartwarming to hear such stories and also to know that the clinic is keeping these animals.

  11. What a special kitty Russell is, how loving he is. Such a heart-warming post, it made my day!

  12. Dat's so pawsum. We fink dat Russell be quite a handsum mancat. Weez sowry hims had to go fwu a fire, but weez so glad hims gettin' beter while makin' udders feel less scared of da VETs.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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