Monday, 11 May 2015

Miley Cyrus Cat On Instagram

Miley Cyrus and  Shanti

THIS cute little bundle - I'm talking about the cat - has been introduced to Instagram by singer Miley Cyrus. The white kitten is called Shanti Om Bb. I'm not sure how you pronounce the Bb. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.

Animal-lover Miley wrote: "Meet the newest member of the fam and follow on Instagram  @shantiombb." Shanti's bio says: "I love you. You love me. I'm Shanti Om Bb! PS for bookings DM me."

Miley has previously owned dogs and a pig called Bubba Sue.

Shanti Om Bb.

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  1. I never have gotten into following celebrities, but this was definitely worth sharing. So thank you! And what a doll.

    1. She's a very sweet little kitten, isn't she?

  2. What a gorgeous little kitten.

  3. Bb? B-flat? That's what it looks like to this former musician.

  4. That is a cute pussy cat. It is a shame the cat has to look up and see Miley but as long as she loves animals, I mean truly loves animals, then she has some redeeming qualities


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