Monday, 18 May 2015

Nowzad Rescuing Cats In Afghanistan

    Cash, left, and Schwarma, above, who now have
    forever homes in the UK and USA. Read their
    stories below.

I CAN only imagine how it must feel to be a serviceman or woman serving in a foreign land with danger around every corner. You have your colleagues but you desperately miss your family and friends back home - and of course you miss your pets.

It's no wonder that many people in the Forces and the staff who support them befriend stray cats and dogs when they are abroad. The animals bring a softness to a hard existence and caring for them takes the soldier's mind off  the horrors going on around him, at least for a short time.

But what happens to these animals when it's time to go home? Many service people are desperate to take them back with them.

Fortunately there is an organisation that helps them do that. Nowzad is charity which was set up in 2007 that has helped 700 soldiers serving in Afghanistan to be reunited with their cats and dogs back in their home countries, inclding the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Holland and Germany.

Even with the withdrawal of troops, the work goes on. Nowzad operates the only official animal shelter in Afghanistan located just outside Kabul and supported by a small animal clinic headed up by ex-pat Louise and her team of Afghan nationals.

One kitty featured on the Nowzad website is Cash who wandered to the door of a British contractor one day. The contractor saw no harm in letting him in for a few minutes for some tuna fish and a cuddle and right there and then Cash had found himself a furever home. Cash's mother was nowhere to be found. She had either abandoned him or had died, no one was really sure.

Nowzad stepped in to get Cash and the contractor reunited in the UK where he now lives with the contractor and his girlfriend, Cash has grown up to be a beautiful friendly cat. He has settled in  and is loving his life. As you can see from the picture below:

Then there was Schwarma who was born in Herat, Western Afghanistan, on a military base where she befriended an American working there.  Schwarma was very loving and her owner was concerned about her being left behind or not being able to get her out in time to make sure she did not breed. But Nowzad stopped in and flew her first to the clinic Kabul in January this year where she was vaccinated, spayed and introduced to other cats. Last month she was flown to America and reunited with her owner. She seems to have settled in well (see picture below)!

For more details of the work of Nowzad and more stories of cats and dogs they have rescued, visit their website HERE.

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  1. That is awesome of them to do indeed. The cats sure look happy being back with their owners. Really shows dedication too on part of the humans

  2. What a great organization. I am sure these cats would have no quality of life if left behind in Afghanistan. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Well dat's pawsum. Weez so glad da anipals be gettn' furever homes and even gettin' all fixed up so they won't be sick or repurrduce. Gweat news indeed.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. What heartwarming tales. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a wonderful service this organization is doing. I could never leave an animal behind if I were over there. I'm so glad these two found forever homes.


  6. Those kitties are beauties, I am glad they have forever homes. Thank God for kind people like this.

  7. Oh this is so wonderful that these 2 cats found forever homes. I hope the others in the shelter find homes also. It is so tough around the world to see animals who are not able to be treated the wonderful way many here treat our furbabies (not that all do mind you). I hope the shelter finds success

  8. What a great organisation. Animals suffer the privations of war and can do little, or nothing, about it.

  9. That's great. Glad they were able to get the cats back with their owners.

  10. What a wonderful organization! That is so awesome.. thank you for sharing these kitties' stories!


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