Thursday, 11 June 2015

Cat Appointed Executive Of Company

MEET the boss.

Yes, he has a touch more designer stubble than your average executive and he's not wearing quite as many clothes but he's the purrfect employee.

His name is Bossy and he is top cat in a Romanian internet store called which sells gifts. He is the company's new Director of Communications, beating  700 other applicants to get the post.

Bossy, a blue Scottish Fold cat, known for their striking orange eyes, lilac coloured fur and folded down ears, will receive a salary equivalent to £110 ($70)  a month plus bonuses of cat food.

His job is to promote the brand by doing voice-overs in advertising videos and featuring in photographs - as well as, we are told - as giving his own paw print seal of approval to items before they are delivered.

Bossy may be only nine-months-old but he is already making an impression at the firm. After all, who wouldn't immediately behave after one stare from those piercing eyes?

For his first day at work the firm sent a limousine to collect him. Company spokesperson Alexandra Cozac said: 'He came dressed in a suit like a corporate manager and had an impressive attitude.
'He checked the computer and seemed quite intimidating particularly because nobody really knew what message he was trying to convey. I guess it's the first demo and he needs time to settle in.'

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  1. This be a very cute posty. Hope yous have a gweat day.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  2. This cat does not look real! He is too cuddly looking and furry especially with the lavender paw on the bottom photo. I love it that he gets paid:)

  3. MOL!! Now I've seen everything!!

  4. Oh my Ceiling Cat - finally, we felines are making great pawprints in the litterbox of commerce!

  5. Cute cat. He looks the part and is even on the payroll. :-)


  6. lol looks a bit like wtf, but hey all the cat food he can eat

  7. He looks a bit shell shocked to me. Nice job if you can get it though.

  8. Wow, he doesn't look real. Looks like a stuffed animal, not a live one.

  9. I love his name.........and his suits...........and his "attitude" !!!

    Hugs, Sammy

  10. That's awesome! I've got to share this. Thank you.


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