Monday, 15 June 2015

Olivia Benson Meets Olivia Benson

Taylor Swift and Olivia Benson

SINGER and felinophile Taylor Swift finally got the chance to introduce her cat Olivia Benson to her namesake. Olivia Benson is a character in hit TV show Law and Order: Special Victims' Unit. The part of the detective is played by Mariska Hargitay who was at Taylor Swift's sell-out show in Philadelphia.

Mariska went backstage to meet Taylor's beautiful white cat Olivia Benson. She was thrilled at the meeting.

"This is Olivia Benson meeting Olivia Benson," Taylor said in an Instagram video.

Mariska already knew Taylor's cat was named after her TV character and posed for a picture wearing a cat collar with an Olivia Benson tag.

Mariska Hargitay in her cat collar necklace.

Mariska is the real life daughter of tragic actress Jayne Mansfield, killed in an horrific car crash,   and her husband actor and former Mr Universe,  Mickey Hargitay.

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  1. I never knew who this fine actress's parents were. What an interesting fact! Thank you.

  2. I just find it hilarious that Taylor Swift named her cats after TV characters. (What's the other's name? I can't recall it at the moment.)

  3. Taylor Swift is one savvy business woman. I like that she names them after TV characters. I think Jayne Mansfield would be very proud of her daughter. I can't imagine being in the car when my mom died (she and her brother were asleep in the car).

  4. How cool that the human "Olivia Benson" has embraced the fact that there is a cat named after her. ;)

  5. Very interesting. I want to get a pair of the Keds sneakers with a cat on them that Taylor Swift designed :)


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