Thursday, 23 July 2015

Signs You Are A Crazy Cat Person

I am sad to report that I have nine of these ten signs of being a crazy cat person! The only one I don't do is leave the bathroom door unlocked. How about you?

(Apologies to anyone who logged on earlier when there was no video attached - you must have wondered what on earth I was wittering on about!)

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  1. The only reason I don't have pictures on my phone is because it's a cheap one with no camera. ~grin~ The list made me miss my sweet Luna, though, because she was my true feline soulmate.

  2. I am guilty of 9 as well except for the Facebook picture...oops nope there is one of me canoodling with one of our pussy cats. Nope all 10 including the bathroom.

  3. Hehe. I love Cole & Marmelade's videos. I don't own any cat-related clothing or artwork though. My cats can open my bathroom doors themselves, I installed a lock for visitors to give them a chance for privacy.

  4. Leaving the bathroom door open, eh? Nope, not even when I had a cat.

  5. I had 9 out of 10 and like Darla above, it is only because my phone doesn't have a camera :)

  6. MOL! Yep, our mom is a crazy cat person. 10 outta 10!


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