Friday, 29 April 2016

Catercise: Yoga

Yes, it's me, Carlton The Special One
For the duration of the A to Z Challenge, Carlton Cat will be taking over this blog. He's a little bit of a maverick moggie with strong views

Catercise: Yoga

I HAVE noticed over the last few months that my normally sleek, well-toned physique has become a little fluffy around the edges. I blame the Mr and Mrs (who else) for allowing me too many treats like cheese and sausage off their plates. In an  effort to regain the body of a lean, mean fighting machine, I have taken up yoga.

There are many poses suitable for a fit young boy like me. I don't mind the Crane and the Cobra but I draw the line at the Downward Dog pose. I have my standards.

So here are a few of the poses I have been trying out: 

He makes it look so easy





The Mrs has a blog in the A to Z Challenge called Around My Kitchen Table.

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  1. Carlton, I cannot imagine you loming anything but good. So, yes, relax! XO

  2. I am sure you will do really well at Yoga but do stop eating those treats Carlton

  3. Playing catch up...I had a yoga cat calendar...very funny and love the first one

  4. We think yoga is way too hard...we'd just rather nap.

  5. So cute! I am always envious of the positions your felines can bend yourselves into comfortably, and nap that way too! The only one above I am pretty good at is "relax"! :-)


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