Friday, 3 June 2016

Toy Story

Toy Story

by Carlton Cat

I TRY to look cool when the Mr and Mrs present me with a new toy - but I'm excited inside.  I love nothing better than chasing a tinkling ball or shredding ribbons and chewing on tassels. When they are out - to be honest, I'm usually asleep -  but when I am not you can often find me digging out one of my toys and having what the Mr and Mrs call "a funny five minutes". 

The other day the they were having a big tidy-up. The Mr looked worried as he always does when someone called The In-Laws are due to visit. I think Mrs In-Law worries him a bit. 

They were gathering my toys together into a cardboard box and I heard the Mrs say to Mr: "What on earth does he do with all those toys we buy him?" 

She tilted the box and few furry mice and a half-chewed cardboard bird rolled to one side. She shrugged and carried on with the housework. I closed my eyes and started to dream about real mice and birds.

Suddenly my pleasant reverie was broken by a yell.


What was wrong? I thought I'd better go and see so I strolled into the living room… and this is very similar to what I saw. The Mrs didn't have her camera ready (unusual; she's usually got it practically stuck up my nose) so she found this on the internet to show The In-Laws. They laughed. I really don't know why.

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Jo said...

So your hidden stash was discovered eh Carlton? You'll have to find somewhere else because the Mrs. will now keep her eye on the floor under the couch.

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

I guess you need to find a new hiding spot now :)

Liz A. said...

Oh, so that's where that went!

The Island Cats said...

MOL! We're gonna look under our china cabinet. All the toys seem to hide under there.

Deziz World said...

MOL Oh Carlton, you're givin' mommy ideas. She thinks maybe some of me's lost toys are behind furniture she hasn't moved in a while. MOL

Luv ya'


Josie Two Shoes said...

Too funny! My furkids have quite a collection of toys too, and I spend my time stepping on and over them! I find them hidden in some pretty funny places, and Gracie must be part beaver because she loves to put her toys in the water dish for a bath!

Darla M Sands said...

I miss my older kitties' playful sides. ~sigh~ Thank you for the laugh!