Friday, 3 February 2017

Carlton Gets His Nails Clipped - Almost

It's Friday- the day Carlton takes over my blog. Views are his own and not necessarily, in fact, rarely, shared by the blog owner.

Carlton Gets His Nails Clipped - Almost

by Carlton Cat

THERE I was lying on the sofa, minding my own business, when I spotted the Mr and Mrs advancing towards me, he carrying a towel and she with her hands behind her back.

Suddenly they were upon me, the Mr wrapped me in the towel and the Mrs produced…oh no, NAIL CLIPPERS! The Mr grasped my paw and held it out to the Mrs. She pounced and - clip! - one nail gone. I was so shocked I did nothing. I just lay in the Mr’s arms and let the Mrs clip my nails one by one. They finished one paw.

“Carlton’s being very good,” said the Mr.

This comment brought me to my senses. Carlton/Good - these two words do NOT go together. My acquiescence must have lulled them into a false sense of security so I suddenly yowled, wriggled free of the towel and scrabbled out of the Mr’s arms, catching him and the Mrs with what remained of my claws.

My one good paw.

I am now back on the sofa with 9 of my 18 claws vandalised beyond all recognition. I yawned and used one of my untouched claws to scratch behind my ears. I gave a secret smile as I looked at the Mr and Mrs sitting stony-faced on either end of the sofa with plasters on their hands.

Serves them right.

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  1. But this is good for you. You won't have to do all the work of scratching those claws down if you let them clip them for you ;)

  2. My Momma will wrestle me to the death to clip my claws. I hiss. I MROW. I scratch and bite. The woman has an iron grip! And my poor beautiful, perfectly honed claws end up sad stumps of dull fury! Speaking of ... there's a couch calling my name. ~Bear Cat

  3. That was a nail biter of a story!
    Getting to keep half of your claws sharp for a while is a compromise. I don't mind getting my claws trimmed. Sometimes I don't cooperate and get only 3 or 4 trimmed. Other time I enjoy the attention and let mom trim them all.

  4. You better sleep with one eye open Carlton :)

  5. I think you need to become a good puss cat and have the rest done Carlton.

  6. We don't like our nails cut either, Carlton. That's why the mom ambushes us when we're sleeping to do them.

  7. MOL Oh Carlton, we'd take our hats off to ya' ifin we had hats. But alas...we hate claw trimmin' time too. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  8. I clip everyone's nails with no issues, except Grizelda. There is always one. xo


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