Friday, 3 March 2017

Carlton Gets A Visitor

It's Friday- the day Carlton takes over my blog. Views are his own and not necessarily, in fact, rarely, shared by the blog owner.

Carlton Gets A Visitor

by Carlton Cat

I WAS napping in the sitting-room when I heard someone say, ‘What a gorgeous little floof!’

I opened one eye and there looking down at me was a woman who, it transpired, was a work colleague of the Mrs’s.

I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. I glanced around the room. I saw no floof. Then I realised she was staring at ME. ME. I am NOT a floof. I am not cute or fluffy. In no way could I be described as a floof. Why would anyone call me a floof? Why?

Her hand came towards me, presumably to stroke my floofiness. I unleashed my claws. The Mrs saw the claws and the look in my eye and swooped like an eagle who’d spotted a mouse and swept me up.

‘He’s not very good with strangers,’ she said nervously. ‘I’ll put him in the kitchen.’

She walked out with me, holding my two front paws as I wriggled to escape. She got to the kitchen and put me down. Luckily for her I saw her reach into the fridge where she found some left over beef from last night’s tea.

‘Here you are Carlton. Now behave yourself, please.’

I’ll behave myself as long as it takes me to eat this beef. But when I returned to the sitting-room, the door was firmly closed.

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  1. "Behave." As IF! She does know you're a cat, right?

  2. You are not cute. You are not fluffy. Right?

  3. That is not right, it is your home and the lady was invading it.

  4. I wish I was Carlton when my Aunt would pinch my cheeks....I wanted to slap her many times.

  5. Oh Carlton, at least ya' got some beef. Don't ya' wish visitors came by more offen? MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  6. OMC! I LOVE that Beware of the Cat image!!! Did you make that? I usually go to my office UTB when someone comes. If I know them, I'll come out and attack them.

  7. Silly woman wanting to stroke you without your permission. No wonder you extended your claws.


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