Friday, 31 March 2017

Carlton's Facebook Picture

It's Friday- the day Carlton takes over my blog. Views are his own and not necessarily, in fact, rarely, shared by the blog owner.

Carlton's Facebook Picture

by Carlton Cat

 THE Mrs has got a new camera.  Lord. I’ve had that bloody lens in my face all day long. I wake from a sleep and she’s there in front of me taking a picture. I go to my cat bowl and get blinded by the flash, I walk out through the cat flap and she’s photographing my arse. There’s something wrong with the woman. 


Her Facebook page is awash with photos. There’s one of last night’s dinner, one of the only shrub in the garden that isn’t half dead, another of the Mr holding up a glass of wine, a selfie of the two of them grinning into the camera like two loons.

They’ve all got comments from her friends like, ‘Lovely pic, babe,’ ‘Aw, you two!’, ‘Looks delish, hun,’ and ‘Well done you!’

Today she posted the one of my rear end filling up the cat flap as I exited the house.

I refuse to suffer the indignity of showing my own picture.
To give you an idea, it was something like this.... *annoyed
 An earlier post with a picture of me posing like the feline god I am got 55 likes - this one got 144.



  1. People prefer funny. Own it.

  2. The humans have no taste! You don't see us photographing them when they're trying to fit their butts in their pants, do you? I'm offended on your behalf. My biggest pet peeve is when I sit and stare at my Momma because it's time for my wet food treat ... and instead of getting the message, she pulls out the camera and take a bazillion photos because I'm "so cute." ~Bear Cat

  3. I am thoroughly sympathetic with you Carlton, how can the Mrs. treat you that way? Bad enough she took the picture at all, but posting it on Facebook, terrible.

  4. You have a nice butt Carlton, although it appears to be a different color than the rest of you :)

  5. Too funny. Not doing the A to Z Challenge this year? Bummer. But Happy Blogging nonetheless!


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