Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Cat In The Pet Aisle!

Sheldon at work
IF you want to buy pet products then who better to have as head of the department than a cat?

Meet Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster, formerly a stray cat, who has made a home for himself in the pet department of supermarket B&M in Southampton in the UK.

He was spotted sleeping on doorsteps in the city before being rescued by Anne Webster 18 months ago.

Now when she goes out to her work as a kitchen assistant, Sheldon Lee Cooper-Webster sets off to the nearby supermarket where he has appointed himself head of the pet department.

Anne said: "As soon as it's light he's out the door before I even leave for work. He's very committed to the job so he likes to make sure he's there on time - sometimes he arrives before the store manager and his team get there!

"He tends to man the pet aisle and to make sure it's always in top top shape for all the customers, although he can be found in the pet beds having a nap from time to time."

Store manager Tim Evans said: "Sheldon has come a long way since his homeless days. At first we tried sending him home to his mum but he just seems to keep coming back into the store.

 "The majority of customers love him that much that they buy him his favourite food every time they go in the shop, and local children are always asking to go and visit him."

Anne said: "I have to go collect him from the store after he's finished his shift as most of the time he doesn't want to leave - he'd stay there 24/7 and do security if he could."

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  1. That's a great story. I would love to visit a cat at my local supermarket. However, here in the US, I think we have health regulations that would prevent that from happening. I wonder if he tears into the bags of food like mine do at home?

  2. Dat's really sweet dat da store allows kitty to work there. MOL Da UK seems a lot more animal furiendly than da US on these kinds of things. Dat would be one thing we would like to change 'bout our country. More animal/cat furiendly. Big hugs

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  3. What a hard-working kitty! Handsome too!

  4. great story!! I love stuff like this--and they say cats are lazy!

  5. HAH! He must be one of those secret shoppers. I almost got a job as one in Kroger but TW said it was a scam. I blogged about it anyway.

  6. That's too funny! He is the perfect employee-he shows up on time, doesn't mind staying late to get work done and he does it all without pay!

  7. He is a cutie, I hope he is safe when he travels to and from work.

  8. I'm reminded of the New York City bodega cats. They are often welcomed to help control the rat problem. If you look it up, there are pages and pages online of photos taken by the various customers of these little neighborhood stores.

  9. That is funny. A dedicated cat with a job and a following.

  10. Wow! Really? How cool it is.


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