Saturday, 26 August 2017

Cat Burglar Caught Red-Handed

I'm never gonna let you go!

BLACK cat Chibikuro, from Japan, pinched a big bit of fried fish from a plate and was caught red-handed by his owner.

As this video shows, Chibikuro wasn't going to relinquish  his prize without a fight.

"Who has dared to steal this fish?" his owner demanded.

Chibikuro's response was to wrap his paw even more tightly around his prize and to grumble vociferously about this miscarriage of justice!

"When I caught him with the fish, Chibikuro refused to release it no matter what," said Chibikuro's owner, Kuni-chan. His wife took the video which was shared to a private Japanese Facebook group called Black Cat Club, where it went viral.

"In the end, Chibikuro looked uncomfortable, so I gave up and let it go," he said.

Kuni-chan said Chibikuro was a year old, and loved mischief and food. The family has another cat called Kuro who is five.

"We usually have to lock Chibikuro out of the dining room when we are eating," Kuni-chan said. "But Kuro rarely steals human food. It's like it knows what's forbidden. It's interesting how cats can have such different personalities," he said. "But both cats are loved in our family."

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  1. I have had dogs steal steak almost out of our mouths.

  2. This is not surprising. They'll definitely have to lock him out when they eat from now on.

  3. My one cat once ate the entire center out of a sweet potato pie. She was a real scamp in her youth. Old as she is, just the other day she got outside and played hard to catch.


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