Thursday, 31 August 2017

Feline Good In The Office

Let me help you with this report.
I WANT to work in this office! Nine rescue cats have free run of IT firm Ferray's offices in Tokyo and it is a move that has proved to be very effective. 
Whatcha doin'?
The company says the presence of the cats has increased workplace productivity and happiness with a big rise in inter-office communication. I don't doubt it for a second.
Have you tried turning it on and off again?
The workers love their new companions even when everything is not exactly plain sailing. There are the occasional chewed wires to deal with, or cats hogging the keyboard or cutting off phone calls. But it seems it's a small price to pay for the stress-busting qualities of these adorable kitties.
Listen up, guys. Our next campaign is to get free cardboard boxes for all employees.
Eri Ito, who works at Ferray, says she loves working with the kitties. 
"Cats are sleeping just beside us... It's healing," she said.
Why don't you go and take a coffee break for an hour or two?

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  1. That's a brilliant idea. Of course, it would depend on the company. Some would work better than others.

  2. I love this idea and think it would help people immensely.

  3. I love a cat that can do this kind of good work!

  4. Every office should have at least one cat.

  5. Love it, what a wonderful way to work.

  6. We need cats where I work. Seriously, we have continuous rat problems and could use a couple cats on each floor of our buildings. In addition to the feral colony outside, we could house another 20 cats to keep the rodents at bay! And if they're friendly (the cats), that would be even better.


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