Thursday, 10 August 2017

Naughty Nancy the Cat Terrifies the Cleaner

Steve shared this photograph of Nancy on Instagram.

STEVE Gardner always believed his black and white cat Nancy was a sweet puss...until the day she trapped his cleaner in the bedroom!

The cleaner arrived at Steve's house to start work - and "sweet" Nancy suddenly became not so sweet.

Steve, from London in the UK, got a frantic text from the cleaner. It said: : "Hello Stephen. Your cat is hostile to me. He jumped over me with bared teeth. I’m in your bedroom and I cannot go out. I'm sorry but I cannot go on cleaning your house."

Then he received a second text message after the cleaner had decided to make a run for it.

She wrote: "I came out of your house. The cat chased me to the door. I’m sorry I could not clean up."

Steve tells us he was so surprised that he had to check the cleaner was at the right house. He couldn't believe Nancy would act in this way.

He said Nancy was extremely gentle and very shy. A surprised Steve said: "Whenever we have friends round she hides in the wardrobe until they leave."

The cleaner obviously doesn't want anything more to do with Nancy - she's not answering Steve's calls!

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  1. Wow! I wonder what happened between Nancy and the cleaner. I like the scarf. ~grin~ Be well!

  2. Eeek. No telling why a cat will take a dislike to someone.

  3. Sounds like the cleaner wanted a day off and made that up.

  4. All sounds very odd to me. Maybe the cleaner did something to the cat which is why the cat took a dislike to her.

  5. Maybe Nancy prefers to do dust bunny removal by herself.

  6. I kind of doubt the story; it's odd. Maybe the cleaner did something that frightened her (maybe on purpose because she doesn't like cats or something). The only other explanation I can think of is that Nancy was frightened by the noise of the vacuum. Bear and Ellie hardly ever hiss - Ellie never bites - but when the vacuum comes out, they are visibly scared and might swipe or hiss. My suggestion would be to close one room off each visit - and put Nancy in there while the cleaner's there. Especially if the cleaner comes every week - and you rotate rooms each time - that should fix the problem (assuming that was the problem to begin with).


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