Thursday, 2 November 2017

Canopy Cat Rescue

If kitty's gone  wild in you neighborhood
If he's stuck up a tree
And it don't look good
Who you gonna call?

TWO wonderful guys from Western Washington in the USA are spending their time rescuing cats from trees.

Professional tree climbers Shaun Sears and Tom Otto  realised there was a problem with cats getting stuck up trees. So they decided to do something about it and set up Canopy Cat Rescue.

Cat rescuers: Tom (left) and Shaun.
Since Canopy Cat Rescue was formed in 2008, Shaun and Tom have rescued more than 2,000 cats.

Shaun said, "I think part of what makes Tom and I so good at what we do is that we have no shame in saying that we love cats."

Help! Hang on there, little guy, we're coming to get ya.

This is a right pickle I've gotten myself into. Phew, am I glad to see you!

The service is free, depending on donations to keep going.

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  1. And here I always thought that if the cat could get up there, it could get back down.

  2. That is so kind of them to rescue kitties. We need more of these services around.

  3. Marvellous service they offer - for free too, I hope they get lots of donations.

    No, cats cannot get down from the trees they climb. Saw a programme about it, something to do with the way their back legs are formed so they cannot turn round and climb down.

  4. I've seen a t.v. show with guys who rescued cats. I wonder if it was them.

  5. Wow! I adore these guys for their service. My cat once got stuck over two stories above ground when a dog chased her up a tree. I somehow caught her with a towel between my arms and stopped letting her out afterward. Be well!


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