Friday, 29 December 2017

Carlton and the Green Vase

Uh, oh, Carlton's in the 'dog' house after his Christmas shenanigans. I'll let him tell you all about it in his own words.

I'm in trouble again. It was one small leap on to the mantelpiece for me but one giant drop to the floor for a green vase – a hideous thing the Mrs’s mother gave her for Christmas.

The Mrs had her sucked lemon face on. She plucked me off the shelf - quite roughly, I thought - and talked to me in that ‘this hurts me as much as it hurts you’ voice.

‘Carlton, Carlton, what are we to do with you? Naughty pussycat. Naughty.’

I stalked off, tail held high, arse swaying from side to side, nose in the air - just to show her I didn’t give a damn.

The Mr met me at the door and bent down to stroke me. He smiled slyly and whispered: ‘I hated that bloody thing.’ Then loudly said to the Mrs: ‘Oh no, not that lovely vase your mother gave you!’

By now the Mrs was sweeping up the pieces with a dustpan and brush.

‘Yes, darling, I’m afraid it was. I don’t want to ban Carlton from the sitting-room but he’s such a menace on that mantelpiece.’

The Mr rubbed my ears.

‘No, we can’t do that. Let’s just make sure there’s nothing breakable on the mantelpiece.’

Why is the male of the species so much more practical than the female?

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  1. Oh, dear! I'm glad you didn't get injured. Thanks for popping by my little blog! I always enjoy our interactions.

  2. Cunning of you to break a vase the Mr. didn't like. Glad you didn't get banned though.

    Hope you and the Mr. and Mrs. have a great New Year.

  3. Breakables definitely do not belong where kitties love to venture.

  4. Uh oh! That's never a good thing....

  5. I am sure it was just an accident. Makes sense to not have anything breakable where you would jump, it is your house after all. :)

  6. I hope it was a hideous vase. If not, I'm so sorry. If so, well, Carlton should learn not to jump on mantles. (Yeah, right ;)


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